Panchshila Ladies Welfare Association
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Ms. Sarojini Nath, 1980:
I am sure that the dispensary and social service activities would go forward with greater momentum now. We have just completed the international year of the child and are still going through the decade for women for which the international year was celebrated sometime back . Our projects have, therefore, been and will continue to be specially beamed on these two groups.

Ms. Sarla Khanna , 1983:
They decided to contribute their energies and efforts in awakening a spirit of "self-sacrifice" amongst the members of residing community for establishing social and cultural values.

Ms. Asha Handa 1984:
Various social activities led us to think of a Charitable dispensary, which now stands before us as a monument of true dedication, hard work and co-operation.

Ms. Nalini Sehgal, 1985:
The welfare clinic is really a dream come true. We started from scratch with no finances and no place of our own. God helps those who help themselves…our respected Mrs.Shakuntala Mehra very kindly offered the use of her garage…….But for the team spirit of all the members of our organisation, we could not have achieved all this. Each one of us has risen to the occasion and worked indefatigably and with dedication.

Ms. Sarla Batra, 1991:
The dispensary is functioning efficiently and quality medicines are being given at a very nominal cost in spite of rising prices. Competent and highly qualified doctors are dutifully engaged in their work.

Ms. Krishna Satyanand, 1991:
In the year 1991-92 the Balwadi continued its attempts to provide for 3-6 years old under-privileged children…another need for the underprivileged children is space and lighting to study and do the home work in the evening. The possibility of making suitable arrangement in the dispensary will be worth considering.
Panchshila Ladies Welfare Association, PLWA runs a Charitable Dispensary which is one of the major achievements of the organization, this program started in 1979 through the joint efforts of the ladies of the colony. This registered non-profit Charitable Organization...
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