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History of PLWA
Panchshila Ladies Welfare Association is a registered non-profit, voluntary and non-governmental organization providing diagnostic care and medicines for underprivileged through a charitable dispensary. Since its inception in 1977 PLWA has helped tiny tots begin their education and imbibe hygiene and health habits and correct values through a Balwadi. The organisation also holds regular educative programmes for their members every 1st Wednesday of the month.

An Executive meeting is held on every 3rd Wednesday of the month where the Team of EC members work harmoniously towards it goals with extensive brainstorming, planning and implementation of the duties and work allotted to each member, through reports and exchange of ideas in all the three sections of PLWA.

Since the last 42 years PLWA has been a natural part of the lives of the residents of Panchshila Park. Our eminent founders, Presidents and Executive Members have provided the motivation for carrying forward their vision not only for the benefit and harmonious development of its own residents from all sections of society , but by including the underprivileged in the surrounding areas as well. PLWA Dispensary which started on 7th October 1979 in the garage of Ms.Shakuntala Mehra shifted to the present PLWA premises at N-52A,Panchshila Park on 5th Aug 1985. The Dispensary plot of 603 sq.yd was allotted to PLWA by DDA during the year 1984 through the initiative of then Lt. Governor of Delhi , Shri Jagmohanji. Today the excellent reputation of the Dispensary attracts patients from areas as far as Kalkaji, Khanpur, Munirka , South Extention, Begumpur etc.

PLWA members and volunteers provide honorary services for the procurement and dispensation of free medicines at the dispensary, registration of patients, monitoring the pathology laboratory, physiotherapy department, regular organisation of free health camps for eye checks, immunization, family planning and cancer detection , as also donation of equipments and machines , along with the smooth running and maintenance of the premises.

PLWA helps tiny tots to begin their education, imbibe hygiene and health values through a very successful BALWADI which was started by Bhai Balmukund Trust in 1985. In the year 2012 its trustees the Satyanand family handed over the Balwadi to PLWA . The main aim of the Balwadi is to empower the socially underprivileged by providing quality foundation education to their children who are in the age group of 3-6 years .

PLWA also holds educative programmes for their members once a month which encourages the spirit of social service and togetherness amongst our residents.

This tradition of good deeds needs to be recalled, recognized, expanded and diversified so that it forms a permanent legacy making our future residents proud. An effort to record the activities of PLWA through brochures and newsletters has been made earlier and now it is being resumed on a regular basis , with a cost effective monthly update that goes out to all members. We are proud to say that PLWA has drawn media attention few times with big write ups on its activities in leading news papers like Times of India & Hindustan Times.

In keeping with the times, we hope with the launch of our new website in 2013, we can showcase the work carried out by our committed members for the past 42 years which still continues in the same spirit. We also hope to inform the new & younger members about our activities in an effort to encourage the new generation to carry forward the spirit of social service and forge a new bond of togetherness amongst all members.

We seek support from members, donors, corporate houses and PSUs to come forward and help us expand the scope of our activities, share our desire for a better quality of life by empowering the underprivileged socially, economically, politically, culturally and spiritually towards creating a better society.

PLWA was established in September 1971 as Panchshila Ladies Club, which was later converted to Panchshila Ladies Welfare Association, PLWA in 1987.

Mrs. Shakuntala Saran
Mrs. S.Balwant Singh
Mrs. Pushpa Vij
Mrs. Sheel Goel

Late Ms. Shakuntala Saran
Late Ms.Pushpa Bhatia
Late Ms.Subhash Chopra
Late Ms.Sarojini Nath
Late Ms.Vidya Baldev Raj
Late Ms.Sarla Batra
Late Ms.Sarla Khanna
Late Ms.Pushpa Vij
Late Ms.Shakuntala Mehra
Late Dr.Asha Chopra
Late Ms. Satyanand
Late Ms.Sheela Handa
Late Ms.Darshi Malhotra
Late Ms Mohini Sobti
Late Ms Ajit Mehta
Late Ms.Kamla Gupta
Late Ms.Pushpa Kapur
Late Ms.Saroj Agarwal
Late Ms.Chandra Dayal

Thirty four years ago in October 1979 the nucleus of the present dispensary commenced from Mrs. Shakuntala Mehra’s garage. The enterprising ladies of PLWA approached her for space and she promptly agreed by opening up her home & her heart for a noble cause.

The late Ms. G C Khanna (Sarla) was instrumental in setting up PLWA dispensary building by using her influence & goodwill and successfully co-ordinating with the different Government departments. Our gratitude to her is unending.

Ms. Darshi Malhotra has been our most enthusiastic and successful fund raiser over the years.

Mrs. Asha Handa joined as a young resident, and from day one has been contributing her precious time for all activities of PLWA. She has kept herself involved in every aspect of its growth, and she remains a pillar of strength till today.
Panchshila Ladies Welfare Association, PLWA runs a Charitable Dispensary which is one of the major achievements of the organization, this program started in 1979 through the joint efforts of the ladies of the colony. This registered non-profit Charitable Organization...
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